2021 Time for fast changes

2021 Time for fast changes

Predictions are about how one sees the current reality and what is his/her individual perception about the dominating trends that are going to shape the future. Here goes our perspective for business technologies evolution.

Already in the last weeks of 2020, we have no more doubts about the huge impact the coronavirus pandemic brought us, during this last year – a year not be forgotten.

Possibly, the most important consequence of the pandemic is the acceleration of electronic commerce and home-office, and therefore, the way productive work is organized, and the way consumption is handled, leading for the need of increased security and network speeds. But that is just the first step – as we move forward, the new competition environment will require that every business engage in expanded reality, artificial intelligence, and other new technologies, to differentiate them from competitors, and enhance user experience, as the good old salespeople used to do when most business interactions were presential.

By the way, acceleration is another keyword to understand the future every business will have to face. This brings new challenges not only to adapt and create new sustainable business models, but specially for technology vendors and technology-based companies, on how to keep competitiveness in a world where skills and new technologies are going to emerge in light-speed. The old way to plan, develop and deliver new software, new equipment’s and new tech-based services will, very soon, be completely outdated and non-competitive.

Among so many uncertainties a “new normal” is arising, and some trends are remarkable. For instance, the enormous amount of data companies are going to have to deal with are reaching unimaginable figures. The only way to successfully face all those challenges is to apply lots of creativity, intense innovation, agility and, of course, the latest big data and neural networks technologies. 5G telecom is another technology that is going to experience explosive growth all over the world.

Accuracy is another key world in the years ahead. Although companies are going to be smarter and faster to adapt themselves to new market requirements, they need also to be more accurate and efficient. Effective software testing, mostly automated and delivered in agile sprints adherent to the short development cycles, is going to be a must, in order to assure the delivery of quality solutions that meets end customers’ expectations in the digital world.

Security is becoming more and more important, as the world automates almost everything, from intelligent homes to autonomous cars and complex surgeries, from investment strategies to even war weapons, technologies like blockchain and other security related solutions are going to be much more visible, and necessary, in our day-to-day activities.

It does not matter how successful you have been in dealing with technology until now. There are no doubts that all of us, tech-professionals, are going to reinvent ourselves is faster and faster cycles, in order to keep-up with everything that is coming ahead.

In our company, BRISA, we believe the right people is a key asset, and we are working very hard to attract and keep those knowledge-hungry professionals, that are going to shape this new world, helping our valued customers to achieve their objectives, using the latest technologies available that best fits their needs.

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