BRISA AMERICA CORP.: Digitalizing the Hospitality Industry

BRISA AMERICA CORP.: Digitalizing the Hospitality Industry

Technology has been at the business forefront for the last two decades. The rise in internet penetration and easy access to communication devices have paved a wave for the digital movement. And this was further accelerated when the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the world. Since then, the digitalization movement worldwide has picked up the pace.

However, the hospitality industry has always fallen behind when adapting to technological trends. The industry is plagued with a high attrition rate leading to the shortage of the human workforce. This has ultimately led to higher wage rates. All these factors add a significant amount of pressure on the hospitality sector. But, thanks to companies like BRISA, the industry is now able to access the technology, which in turn is bringing down the challenges they were facing earlier.

Paulo Toledo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BRISA America Corp., was with the CEO Views team to brief them on their journey so far, the problem they are trying to solve and what’s on the plan for the future. Paulo is an international serial entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and true “world citizen”, who ventures in many areas and countries.


BRISA is a solid organization with more than 30 years of existence, dedicated to supporting companies and governments in achieving their goals through information technology and telecommunications. They have been serving clients in the US, Latin America and Europe. Some prominent companies availing their services include LG Electronics, Epson, Ericson, Lexmark, Flextronics, etc. Recently BRISA started investing in some of the most advanced technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), IOT (Internet of Things), and Image Processing.

BRISA team is leveraging these advanced tools to transform businesses and make them more competitive in their respective industries. The major reason behind BRISA been recognized by its clients is the company’s ability to match the newest technology with business needs. For more than 30 years, BRISA have developed solutions and deployed advanced technology projects in the market. In the US, BRISA is mostly dedicated to serving hospitality companies, especially hotels, property management companies, and correlated businesses. In 2021, BRISA experienced a sound growth exceeding 100% YoY.


Keeping up with evolution in the information and communications technology market is the toughest challenge: it has been surprising and bold, both in complexity and speed.

When BRISA was established in the 1980s, communication systems used a speed of 50 bits per second. Today, with the advent of 5G cellular technology and optical fibres widely deployed, companies already have the expectations of 1 GB per second (billion bits per second !).

During the COVID pandemic, “digital transformation” has gained a prominent importance for companies’ strategic agendas. As a technology solutions company, BRISA’s role is to facilitate customers’ decisions and help them implement the most appropriate technologies to support their business growth.

Addressing the problems

The US today is facing a labour shortage in several industries, particularly affecting the hospitality industry. There is also a sudden increase in labour costs in the market. This is affecting the profitability and sustainability of many businesses. The only solution for this problem is automation.

BRISA America Corp. has introduced a comprehensive automation solution for hotels and property management companies. They precisely aim at service level standardization and cost reduction by replacing human labour wherever possible.

BRISA’s solutions cover front-desk automation, housekeeping improvements, and better client data management. It also includes products specifically designed to solve the pains of certain businesses that are still not correctly addressed by generic solutions.

Innovations within

BRISA starts its innovation process by identifying client problems that are commonly found throughout a specific industry. After investigations are completed, and the root of the problem is clearly identified, BRISA designs and deploys a technology solution that match the client’s needs. A recent example is the creation of EzyLock, a revolutionary lock system, specifically designed for property management companies.

Those companies face many challenges related to operating widely geographically dispersed properties, and the locks they need are very different from locks used in hotels or in one’s home. BRISA has the only option in the market that addresses the specific challenges and needs faced by property management companies.

What’s ahead?

Responding to the question of what the future holds for BRISA America Corp., Paulo replied saying, “The hospitality industry is somewhat delayed in its digital transformation. And for that reason, this industry is our priority for the moment”. Most hotels and property management companies have very little automation, representing a huge opportunity for BRISA. BRISA plans include speeding up the roll-out of the several solutions the company has already developed and are now available to companies in the hospitality business. Also, at the same time, BRISA keep investing in R&D (research and development) of new products to better serve its clients.

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