BRISA: Comprehensive Software Field Testing

BRISA: Comprehensive Software Field Testing

Three decades ago, BRISA was established as a research and development center, and this vocation of knowledge and research proved to be the main driving force behind BRISA to evolve into the modern day dedicated software field testing services provider, focused on the latest technologies, processes, and methodologies. BRISA continuously strives to innovate and improve its services. In an interview with CIO Applications, Paulo Toledo, Global CEO, Juan Delgado, Managing Partner, USA, talks about the value addition BRISA brings to the clients and the competitive differentiation factors between BRISA and its competitors. He also sheds light on the way the firm works and the expertise and experience that the team brings in and the reasons to engage with BRISA.

Some light on the approach BRISA takes to deliver software testing service diligently?

BRISA undertakes two approaches to deliver a comprehensive experience in software testing, Software Flash Testing, and Testing Operations. The first is focused on smaller and faster projects, which are specific and the other is targeted towards more significant projects that demand higher allocation of resources. Since the smaller projects are not long-term contracts, BRISA offers its services enveloped in “packages” that deliver desired results within 24 hours. With this approach, clients have complete visibility on the costs involved and the scope of the project. The implementation of the package enables clients to perform functional testing, user experience testing, performance and load testing, compatibility testing, and security testing services. This approach is ideal for agile development and also for entrepreneurs that want to validate solutions that have been developed by outsourced providers.

The second model is offered to more extensive and complex projects, onshore, nearshore and offshore services, depending on the clients’ needs. BRISA establishes a new testing operation, on-going, and not just a testing project, or BRISA can promote adjustments in on-going operations, or even take over an operation which is causing problems and dissatisfaction.

What are the areas that BRISA focuses on?

BRISA’s team comprises of 270 engineers who are proficient in functional and non-functional tests, including field tests, automation and mobile tests for carrier homologation—focused on black box testing. With this multidisciplinary team, the company can perform various tests for the web, desktop, and mobile platforms, easily navigating among different screens, operating systems, and technologies. Some of the company’s expertise that goes beyond this portfolio is confirmation testing, acceptance testing, regretion testing, among many others. The company’s team has strong experience in field testing—mapping critical scenarios faced by the end user on a daily basis. The team can identify the absence of signal, cellular network switching, and extreme levels of saturation to create and apply testing scenarios focused on the understanding of software failures while supporting the development team to provide evidence and knowledge to repair the software. Also, BRISA’s team develops custom tools to automate test cases, which are not possible with ordinary tools. “Our team can automate systems partially or completely based on client’s requirements.” BRISA also undertakes software development services focused on software integration and embedded solutions. The company works with proposals based on sprints (an agile methodology) or projects with a closed scope (traditional methodology) or even on hybrids models, and designs solutions adequate to clients’ economic constraints.

Please tell us more about your featured product—Power Dialer?

Power Dialer is a robot that creates and manages users’ communication process (campaigns) with clients, partners, and teams. It has capabilities to make unlimited phone calls, integrates with SMS messaging, sends emails, and automate the calling process. Power Dialer encompasses two different offering—one is the Client Call Plus, targeting small and medium business with limited, standardized, and easy-to-use functionalities. The second option is for the large clients with the need to make millions of calls per month; thereby, it brings a rich set of functionalities with elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a convenient and easily customizable software that seamlessly integrates with third-party systems. Power Dialer gives users the opportunity to understand the behavior of their customers while they are following up to the campaign, and in return helping users to change and improve their campaigns in real time for better results.

Share with us an example when BRISA came to the aid of one of its clients, helping them overcome technical challenges and attaining desired outcomes?

BRISA has been delivering its functional, non-functional, automation, and field testing services, among other clients, to LG Electronics. The company started by creating the operation for mobile software testing and homologation afresh, considering the control, productivity and results to be delivered globally. To enable the evolution of the operation, BRISA’s team developed tools, processes, and techniques used internally and extended to the client to promote fast response and reduction of risks. Today, BRISA’s team runs many thousand test cases per month, homologate and test large amounts of cellular equipment every year, validating mobile phones basic software in four different idioms for LG Electronics. As a result, LG Electronics has gained significant improvement regarding quality, due to the collaborative work among BRISA’s quality team and LG’s quality and development teams.

What has BRISA been doing to establish itself in the global market successfully and what are the steps going forward?

For three decades, BRISA has been serving the needs of multinational companies, including Huawei, LG Electronics, Epson, Ericsson, and Lexmark. With such endeavors, venturing into the global market is just a natural step for BRISA. The company has been working in many of the Latin American projects and also supports clients in Europe and Africa. Its current client base has driven the strategy behind BRISA’s internationalization process. The set up of the company’s subsidiary in the U.S. is a step towards providing services to new markets.

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